is a video messaging app that focuses on quick interactions and reactions which are filmed when a user opens a message.

My task was to pitch and build an extension of the website that advertises a raffle for the company.

UI/UX (Contracted)

March 2023 (2 weeks)

Faheem Kajee (Cofounder)
Benny He (Backend Engineer)

At the time, Seen was looking to build an email list in a similar fashion as Harry's infamous marketing campaign. The app is meant to target younger audiences, specifically (<21 yo, female, and in the US). However, one of the cofounders (Karen Gillan) being a famous Scottish actress, the Instagram had a demographic of primarily international people, aged 35+, and male.

So, we outlined the following goals for the raffle system.
☀︎ attract the demographic of the current instagram audience (to build a foundation)
☀︎ attract the target demographic for the app (to begin seeding a new audience)
☀︎ the app's purpose should not be mentioned, as the company is still trying to build hype
Style Guide
As the design is an extension of Seen's splash page, I followed the style guide below. Headings/Subheading were open for font choice.

Our timeline for the website was two weeks. Using Webflow, I made the following mock up.

As participants would likely be coming form Seen's instagram, we needed to focus on a mobile-first design. This mock up would not translate well to mobile, and friends who tested the site did not understand how the raffle system worked. So, I began working on a second design.

The new raffle design has a person enter a raffle basket every 5 referrals. They receive their first "ticket" when they sign up themselves.

With thinking of a mobile-first design, the raffle graphic would need to be a system that could be contained in one screen. Then, a call to action displays when the user first enters the page (share their unique link) and again when they scroll past the prizes.

Although the original splash page has the pink as the background color, I found large bodies of yellows text to be a difficult to read. I opted in for different colors to indicate different sections, and using a color that would be the most readible atop.

You can view final design here.