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Umlaut Foundation is dedicated to supporting foster and kinship youth by extending opportunities for growth in education and extracurriculars. We aid students living without the security of a family reach their full potential by connecting them with high school volunteers who are well-versed in diverse topics and passionate about education.


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Umlaut Foundation's logo is an umlaut U (Ü) in the font Futura PT Bold  and color #3C48D0. Our slogan is "connecting the dots," in which the dots above the U represent a foster youth and volunteer, individually.

Umlaut Foundation's logo manifested long before the organization. When I was in middle school, I'd realized the umlaut U resembled a smiley face and felt the need to make it a logo if ever given the chance.

To design the website and branding for Umlaut Foundation, I learned to use Webflow and Adobe Illustrator. I also became a huge fan of Pinterest and coolors.co around this time.

Producing UF's Volunteer Handbook was probably my most challenging project, design-wise. Since I had free range, I developed most of my current stylistic tendencies from this project.

Umlaut Foundation is an effort I hope to bring to New York (starting in Manhattan and then Brooklyn). The current website umlautfoundation.com is up to date with the the California branch and is currently run by students from my high-school. The domain ny.umlautfoundation.com is currently reserved for New York's branch-to-be.

Most of these designs were created in the Summer/Fall of 2020, while the nonprofit was still in its development-stage. We officially launched in the Spring of 2021, around the second semester of my Junior year.


AUG 2020 - MAY 2021


Technology Student Association (TSA) is a national organization of students engaged in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM). Supported by educators, parents, and business leaders, TSA provides middle school and high school students with exciting events and leadership opportunities.


01 Logo
02 Email Header

California Technology Student Association's logo is the state symbol (the California grizzly bear) superimposed with the official TSA  logo.

As the state officer, I designed posts for CA TSA's instagram & facebook,  @californiatsaofficial.

Ramen 10103

SEP 2019 - JULY 2021


Ramen 101 is a regional chain restaurant in the Bay Area that serves ramen and asian appetizers. I applied to the job when the downtown Pleasanton branch opened in myJunior year of high school.


01 Posters
02 Menu
03 Advertising

After designing a few posters and vouchers for the shop, my boss asked me to help him redesign the display menu to include new menu items.

Redesigning the Ramen 101's menu has been my most educational project, as I was able to watch customers interact with it in person (I worked as a cashier/server at the store).

Below is my first iteration of the menu. You can find the previous menu design on our Yelp.

After a few months of using the above menu, my boss had me redesign the menu again to address flaws we noticed with customer interactions.

Those being:
☹︎ Customers would confuse the "classic ramen" as broths to pick from.

☹︎ Regardless of the size of the "Spice Level" section, we would need to remind customers to choose a spice, verbally.

☹︎ Customers wanted to see pictures of our options.

Below is the final design!!

New York University04



Today, you can find me studying at New York University, where I am pursing degrees in game design and computer science.


01 Logo
02 Cards

This logo was created for a proposed game given the following prompts. The logo is supposed to be seen as both a cracked egg and a sunrise over a vast landscape. The egg ties into the game's bird theme , the landscape is supposed to evoke feelings of expansion and exploration, and the sunrise is meant to symbolize opportunity.




Fantasy, Competitive Simulation, RPG Political Corruption, War/Conquest, Nobility, Alliances/Betrayal


You play as one of four nobles in a fantasy bird themed world who are trying to gain control over as much of the country Avialon by any means possible.

For my final assignment in my Intro to Visual Comms class, we were asked to design interfaces for a card game.