I'm Lily, a Junior at NYU studying Game Design. In my program, I've been enjoying trying on aesthetic-focused hats (UI/UX, 2D animation, 3D animation, 3D modeling, character design, and environment art). In my next two years at the Game Center, I'm excited to work on my Capstone project, which I hope will inspire other creatives and create a commotion online.

When I'm not in class,

I am working on @shuilily (36K on Instagram, 25K on Tiktok), my artist identity online. I first created my art Instagram in middle school, but didn't start positing consistently until my Junior year of high school (during the pandemic, which were some of the my most productive months of my life).

This last year (2022-2023), I've started three things which I hope to continue to do for the rest of my life:

In October 2022, I decided to create a fan animation for Chainsaw Man after re-reading it for the 7th time (xD). After six months of learning how to animate and another month learning how to composite, I posted the final animation on my Instagram, Twitter, and Youtube. The following hours after posting I felt a wave of gratification and stress (from noticing all the mistakes in the final file I posted). This emotion is one I hope to replicate when I publish future projects.

Although I tend to be reserved, I enjoy vlogging because it allows me to appreciate my life in a more meaningful way. Recording and sharing these parts of my life has brought me closer to the people in my personal life and people online.

This summer, I went to my first convention (Rhode Island Anime, which was also their first year hosting the convention!). I'm currently aiming to attend one con a month, and hope to attend my first international con next year. I'll be at Anime NYC and Fan Expo San Francisico this month ☻.

Things I love

♥︎ My cats, Juju and Bimi.
♥︎ Volleyball, indoor and beach
♥︎Video games (currently playing: Heroes of the Storm, Hades, and Tears of the Kingdom)

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